2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

Imagine your innovative protein creation captivating consumers, but communication stumbles leave it hidden on the shelf. This session will empower you to crack the code of effective marketing and communication for your product. You will learn how to unlock the full potential of your product, gain actionable insights, and leave equipped to craft compelling messages that resonate with consumers and propel your brand to market leadership. You'll learn how to target the right audience, by understanding the diverse motivations and preferences driving alt-protein choices. You'll hear how you can tailor your communication to resonate with specific demographics and values, and how to navigate ethical storytelling, addressing sustainability, animal welfare, and health concerns authentically. How can you master the multi-channel landscape? We'll explore how to utilize press releases, influencer partnerships, and targeted advertising strategically. You'll learn how to craft engaging social media content, leverage data-driven analytics, and explore innovative storytelling formats. And you'll learn how to foster genuine connections with consumers through interactive experiences and transparent dialogues. To get from niche to mainstream, you need to know how to debunk common misconceptions, so we'll explain how you can equip yourself with data and science to address consumer concerns effectively. Learn how to stand out from the crowd, by highlighting your unique selling proposition and showcasing your brand's personality. And finally, we'll address how to track your success and continuously refine your communication strategies for sustained impact.

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April 24th & 25th

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