2023 Conference Session

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About the Session

Fine dining and food-service are not just serving up deliciousness; they're becoming powerhouses for alternative proteins. When upscale chefs endorse alt-proteins, the taste and quality validation echoes far beyond their kitchens. Consumers take notice, their perception shifting from 'experiment' to 'exquisite'. Fine dining attracts diverse palates, not just the health-conscious few. By introducing alt-proteins here, their reach expands, influencing everyday choices and normalizing these options for a wider audience. What's hot on high-end menus today becomes tomorrow's mainstream cravings. By featuring alt-proteins prominently, these culinary influencers shape consumer preferences, paving the way for broader acceptance and increased demand. Anne's presentation will dive into the exciting potential of fine dining as a launchpad for scaling cultivated fish products. Upscale chefs validate taste and quality, influencing consumer perception beyond the niche. Culinary artistry pushes boundaries, crafting unique dishes that entice discerning palates. Reaching diverse diners in high-end settings fosters wider adoption and mainstream awareness, while menu choices in fine dining set the tone for broader consumer preferences, shaping the future of food. She will discuss key strategies, such as tailored collaborations, sensory excellence, sustainability storytelling, and data-driven insights.

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