2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

John will discuss the secrets to optimizing the extrusion process for crafting delicious, nutritious novel foods. Traditional extrusion methods aren't enough for novel foods, so you will discover how Coperion's expertise tailors the process to unique ingredients and textures, and unlocks the full potential of plant-based proteins, cultured meat, and other alternatives, ensuring superior taste, texture, and nutritional value. He will delve into the science behind optimal extrusion, exploring how factors such as temperature, pressure, and screw design impact the final product. And he will reveal in detail how Coperion's advanced technology precisely controls these elements, maximizing quality and consistency, batch after batch. But this isn't just about deliciousness; it's about scalability. So, delegates will learn how Coperion's solutions ensure efficient, large-scale production, bringing novel foods to a wider audience. And you will also discover how their sustainable practices minimize waste and optimize energy usage, aligning with consumer values and environmental responsibility. Ultimately, delegates will gain insights into cutting-edge extrusion technologies tailored for novel foods, practical strategies for achieving superior product quality and consistency, as well as how to overcome common challenges and ensure seamless scale-up for market success.

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