2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

Jonathan will discuss Triplebar's revolutionary technology poised to turbocharge the alternative protein sector: the Hyper-Throughput System. Imagine crafting novel protein sources and optimizing existing ones in a fraction of the time. Evolving microbes to make protein at viable cost and commercial scale, Triplebar's system disrupts the scene, accelerating protein development by 1,000x. He will dive into the science behind the Hyper-Throughput System and show how it harnesses the power of bioengineering and automation to achieve unprecedented efficiency, unlocking a universe of possibilities, from plant-based alternatives to cell-cultivated meat and beyond. The technology isn't just about speed though; it's about creating a more sustainable and ethical food system. So you will also learn how Triplebar's system reduces resource consumption, minimizes waste, and fosters animal welfare, all while delivering delicious protein options. Focusing on a critical part of the value chain that requires innovation, using its Hyper-Throughput System, Triplebar oversamples every position in a microbial genome in a day to find optimized, scalable production hosts. The company evolves and optimizes animal cells to achieve cost-effective commercialized targets. With cultivated meat and seafood offering a sustainable, no-kill alternative to the natural proteins humans need to thrive, Triplebar develops cell lines that grow in suspension at high growth rates in cost-effective media and process conditions. Its proprietary Hyper-Throughput Screening platform enables the measurement of the effects of billions of mutations a day to evolve these traits in many species and tissue types.

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