2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

Quality and flavor never go out of style when it comes to proteins, but how customers prefer to get high-quality, high-flavor protein can change rapidly – from grounds to whole-cuts and everything in-between. The rigidity of traditional manufacturing hinders the diverse needs of plant-based products, while evolving consumer preferences and market demands require adaptable production processes. No Meat Factory has developed methods to quickly develop and produce plant-based alternatives to both animal meat and seafood, ready-to-eat meals, and protein snacks also available. Together with Emil Capital Partners investor, Jeff Emmons, Leonidas will share some of the insights into enabling this rapid R&D and production process, what customers are really looking for, and why flexibility is necessary to succeed in alternative proteins. They will examine how No Meat Factory's platform enables rapid switching between product lines and ingredient combinations, how it adapts to varying production volumes, ensuring efficiency and cost-effectiveness, as well as how an open-source approach fosters collaboration and accelerates experimentation within the industry.

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The Future of Protein Production Chicago

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April 29th & 30th 2025