2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

The burgeoning alternative protein space promises a revolution in food production, but alongside innovation comes the crucial responsibility of ensuring consumer safety. Join us for a dynamic panel discussion that will explore the complex challenge of crafting effective regulations for this rapidly evolving industry. Delegates will be able to engage in thought-provoking dialogue, and explore the current state of alt protein safety regulations and identify potential loopholes or ambiguities. Hear our experts discuss the merits and feasibility of regulations specific to different alt protein categories, ensuring safety without stifling innovation, and listen to them examine how current regulations can be adapted to anticipate the emergence of new technologies and protein sources. You will hear from a diverse group of thought leaders, including scientists, regulators, industry representatives, and consumer advocates, and you'll be able to ask your burning questions and participate in a lively exchange of ideas, and be part of shaping the future of alt protein safety regulations through informed discussion and collective insights. It's a must-attend for any food and beverage companies developing alternative proteins, regulatory bodies seeking to develop robust and future-proof frameworks, and investors and analysts evaluating the regulatory landscape and its impact on the sector.

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