2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

Why do plant-based meats often lag behind animal products in affordability and taste? What are the critical hurdles hindering true mainstream acceptance? Join Christie Lagally, CEO of Rebellyous Foods, as she discusses the company's groundbreaking technology and strategies poised to smash the price and quality barriers holding back widespread adoption. Unveiling the Rebellyous solution, Mock 2, you will learn about the company's cutting-edge technology that dramatically increases yield and quality. This presentation will reveal the story and engineering prowess in making plant-based meat with its cost-effective, quality-at-scale breakthrough. You will learn how Lagally's aerospace engineering background led to the founding of Rebellyous Foods, driven by a passion for human health, animal welfare, the environment and sustainability. She will explain her journey of designing new equipment from first principles, ensuring sanitary and efficient production and advancing worker safety. Delegates will take away the challenges faced by the alternative protein industry in using outdated tools, and how Rebellyous Foods has tailored equipment for efficient plant-based meat production that addresses quality and cost. Ultimately, you will gain an insight into Rebellyous Foods' commitment to developing tools that bring down prices and contribute to the market.

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April 29th & 30th 2025