2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

Hamilton Company produces advanced in-line sensors for a variety of biotech applications. The innovative and intelligent sensors are the first that do not require an external transmitter, making them easier to install and use. They can be incorporated into automated loops and can also monitor their own performance, providing confidence in the data they generate. Automation of processes through the use of PAT and in-line sensors is essential for the success of cultivated meat production given the low margins associated with the food industry. In-line sensors combined with a feedback loop for automated adjustment of process conditions (e.g., DO, pH, nutrient addition) reduce personnel demands while ensuring robust and controlled processes. In the cultivated meat industry, one of the biggest issues when scaling is unexpected accumulation of CO2 leading to reduced cell viability, which translates to less biomass and thus less cultured meat product. For these processes, therefore, in-line CO2 monitoring, for which Hamilton has effective solutions, is critically important for designing processes that can be seamlessly scaled and afford the same level of productivity in two-liter, 100-liter, and 2,000-liter bioreactors.

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April 24th & 25th