2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

Mervyn will dive into the world of Synthetic Biology (SynBio), focusing on unveiling the current solutions within an end-to-end horizontal platform. Tailored for scientists, researchers, and industry professionals, delegates will discover Ginkgo Bioworks' groundbreaking platform, which empowers seamless design, development, and production of SynBio solutions. By attending this presentation, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of SynBio and its transformative potential as Mervyn explores the power and features of Ginkgo Bioworks' end-to-end platform. You will discover how SynBio can unlock innovation and revolutionize your products. You will learn how to design with ease, by leveraging powerful tools for efficient biological system design and optimization, tailored to your specific needs. He will explore cutting-edge technologies for scalable and cost-effective manufacturing, turning ideas into reality. And you will gain invaluable insights through AI-powered analytics, optimizing processes and accelerating innovation.

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The Future of Protein Production Chicago

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April 29th & 30th 2025