2023 Conference Session

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Plenary Session

The role of government support in scaling protein production

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April 24, 2024
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About the Session

Governments can play a crucial role in propelling alternative protein forward. Funding R&D is essential: early-stage innovations need support to reach maturity, so public grants bridge the gap between promising ideas and commercial viability. Clear and efficient regulatory frameworks ensure consumer safety and product transparency, fostering industry growth, so supportive regulations need to be developed. Government investments in infrastructure for alternative protein production and training programs for skilled workers could help overcome scaling challenges. Campaigns and subsidies can raise public awareness about the benefits of alternative protein, increasing consumer demand and market penetration. Meanwhile, tax breaks, grants, and subsidies can incentivize production and make alternative protein more accessible to consumers. By playing these roles, governments can be key catalysts in scaling up alternative protein and transforming our food system.

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