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Andrew Arentowicz

50/50 Foods

Andrew Arentowicz is the CEO of 50/50 Foods, Inc., a pioneering food company dedicated to cutting our meat consumption in half by crafting delicious, healthy, sustainable meat products made with 50% real meat + 50% real veggies. Andrew realized in 2020 that it was an impossible to goal to expect all consumers to turn into vegetarians, so he decided it was better to meat in the middle and give consumers exactly what they say they want…meat, just less meat. 50/50 Foods’ flagship product, the BOTH Burger, is the first and only USDA approved 50/50 burger on the market. Andrew leads the team in charge of culinary innovation, supply chain management, government affairs, manufacturing, logistics, marketing, and sales. Born in Philadelphia (Go Birds!) and currently living in Marina Del Rey, CA Andrew is also an avid photographer, skier, and squash player, as well as a devoted "girl dad," finding great joy in raising his two remarkable daughters with his exceptional wife, Andrea. Connect with Andrew on Instagram (@bothburger) or via email, drew@5050foods.com, to learn more about his journey to change the world one 50/50 burger at a time.

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Panel Discussion: Bridging meat science and innovation in alternative proteins, with a focus on hybrid and cultivated products

Join this dynamic panel as they explore the intersection of meat science and innovation, unlocking the potential of hybrid and cultivated protein products. They will dive into the science behind...

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April 24, 2024
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