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Brian Jacobson

Associate Director of Strategic Operations
University of Illinois

I'm a dedicated problem-solver interested in all things food and bioprocessing. Are you looking to scale a new food ingredient, design a processing facility or equipment line, or just want to talk business strategy? I'd love to chat! I have experience working with dozens of food and industrial biotech companies developing new ingredients, products, and processes across a wide range of technologies including fermentation, commodity crops, alt protein, liquid separations, extrusion, and functional beverages. I also have led teams designing and building facilities or processes at the laboratory, pilot, or production scale. I enjoy a hands-on leadership style and am equally excited to build and develop a team as I am to dig in independently and conquer the next challenge. I am open to networking or consulting/advising opportunities, and always willing to help connect into my network of industry professionals, business leaders, job seekers, equipment manufacturers, pilot facilities, co-packers, and others.

Speaker Agenda

Panel Discussion: Alternative proteins: Triumphant march or precarious balancing act? Unveiling the 'elephants in the room'

The 'elephants in the room' for alternative proteins include but are not limited to scalability issues, environmental impact assessments, regulatory frameworks, addressing consumer skepticism...

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April 24, 2024
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