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Elizabeth Gutschenritter

Managing Director, Alternative Protein

Elizabeth Gutschenritter is the managing director of alternative protein at Cargill, a global food and agribusiness leader. She enjoys working in this fast-paced business sector with a team that operates as a corporate start-up, enabling us to be nimble in this dynamic, rapidly evolving space while also keeping steady focus on delivering great-tasting alternative proteins that meet consumers’ ever-evolving demand, now and for the future. Elizabeth began her career with Cargill in 2005 and has held roles in marketing, sales, supply chain, pricing and business analytics. She led Cargill’s pet business as Vice President and General Manager and, prior to her current role, was the Vice President and Commercial Leader of Cargill Protein’s largest segments, the North American beef, grind, and case-ready businesses, where she focused on optimizing supply chains and creating customer value. She is known to take on challenging roles within the organization. She champions a customer-first culture with an energetic and entrepreneurial approach. Elizabeth leads highly engaged and effective teams. She was the founding President of the Women’s Council for Protein and provides mentorship internally to women across Cargill and externally to food-based start-up companies. Elizabeth has an MBA with a concentration in Finance and undergraduate degrees in Business Administration and Marketing.

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Harmony on the horizon: Bridging the gap through industry collaboration in alternative proteins

While innovation thrives within companies, industry-wide collaboration is crucial for broader success. Through this presentation, attendees will learn how the fostering of partnerships between...

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April 25, 2024
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