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Fengru Lin

Co-founder & CEO

Led by her passion for cheese, Fengru co-founded TurtleTree to harness biotechnology to revolutionize the dairy industry. Before boldly launching a biotech startup, Fengru accumulated valuable experience in sales and business development with leading tech companies, including UL (previously Collis Asia), Salesforce, and Google. Fengru leads TurtleTree’s growing team, where her innovative mindset and solution-oriented vision drive the company’s work to bridge the gap between sustainable farming and conventional dairy.

Speaker Agenda

Panel Discussion: State of the industry – investment landscape in 2024

While the alternative protein sector boasts significant potential and exciting developments, there are also some critical challenges that remain largely undiscussed. This panel will confront and...

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April 25, 2024
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The Future of Protein Production Chicago

The Meeting Place for Sustainable Protein Production in the Americas

April 29th & 30th 2025