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Kathleen Ryan

Ollila Law Group LLC

Kathleen leads Ollila Law Group's global trademark prosecution and counseling practice. She has over twenty-five years professional and legal experience, with over ten years of experience in trademark law and other related disciplines of IP law domestically and internationally representing CPG companies such as Hershey, Lindt and Emerson. Most recently, Kathleen received a Masters in Law in International Animal Law, aiming to incorporate her extensive legal experience to support efforts to reduce reliance on animals in industrial animal agriculture, focusing on the promotion and support of plant based and cultivated meat products. Of particular interest is supporting emerging alt-meat companies understand and navigate new regulations and laws around branding and labeling of alternatives to animal products. At the 2023 INTA Annual Meeting in Singapore, Kathleen moderated a table topic for labeling for protein alternatives, including plant-based meat and cultivated meat. Branding is critical when labeling alt-meat products considering the legislation and litigation in the US, EU and other countries. The topic was widely appreciated by INTA attendees interested in the growing alt-meat industry.

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Choosing a Name: Branding considerations for protein alternatives, including plant-based and cultivated meat products

Branding considerations are critical when labeling plant-based meat and dairy products. Legislation and litigation have emerged in the US and the EU around use of terms such as meat and milk for...

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April 24, 2024
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