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Michael Spinelli

Founder & Chief Strategist

Michael Spinelli is a visionary leader at the forefront of sustainable food innovation, holding decades of experience intersecting business development with food system innovation. With a passion for challenging the way we think about agriculture, food production, consumption, and sustainability, Michael has dedicated his career to pioneering solutions that address our pressing global challenges. Throughout his career, Michael has developed a wealth of experience in various facets of sustainable food and process innovation. His journey began at Ben & Jerry’s with a commitment to social and environmental justice carrying this passion forward in his roles at Unilever and Sabra. With a passion for plant-based, Michael founded ingredient technology leader, Nutriati. Following the company’s exit to Tate & Lyle, Michael led global protein strategy in R&D and Open Innovation. At NewEpoch, Michael is now sharing his skills in mentoring, strategizing and consulting with those most promising startup companies and purpose-led investors.

Speaker Agenda

Startup Symposium

Hear from three innovative young companies making their mark in the food-tech space. This session will showcase lightning pitches from each company, with each pitch lasting five minutes...

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April 25, 2024
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