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Panchali Chakraborty

Technical Director, Savory and Snacks

Panchali has over 17 years in the Flavor Industry. She has widespread experience in application development of high protein products across all segments; expertise in Food proteins, Fermentation, Enzymolysis, Complex Flavor Chemistry, Precursor Technology and Taste Modulation. Within Givaudan she has held multiple positions across different functions - R and D, Innovation and Flavor Creation & Application. Panchali pioneered the Plant Protein Enablement within Givaudan, which transformed into a multimillion dollar platform across the globe. Despite having a broader commercial role Panchali maintains a high level involvement in Alternative Protein related innovation. She has a MS in Food Process Engineering from South Dakota State University and a graduate certification in Nutrition from University of Cincinnati.

Speaker Agenda

Panel Discussion: Price challenges in alternative proteins and industry initiatives to address the cost impediment in food and beverage products

Join this panel discussion as we dissect the price challenges and explore industry initiatives breaking down cost barriers in food and beverage products. Today’s global economic and inflationary...

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April 25, 2024
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