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Stacy Pyett

Program Manager Proteins for Life
Wageningen University & Research

As Program Manager Proteins for Life at Wageningen University & Research, Dr Stacy Pyett is responsible for aligning protein-related research to stakeholder needs. Stacy is committed to making protein systems more sustainable and equitable, and to maintaining a science-based and nuanced dialogue in what can be a contentious domain. Stacy got her PhD in Chemical Engineering at the University of Michigan, and began her career in the dairy industry as a research scientist at Campina (now part of FrieslandCampina). She later expanded her work toward new protein sources while working as a group leader at NIZO research. For the last 6 years, she has focused on relationship and strategy management, maintaining a focus on protein research and the protein transition.

Speaker Agenda

Panel Discussion: Alternative proteins: Triumphant march or precarious balancing act? Unveiling the 'elephants in the room'

The 'elephants in the room' for alternative proteins include but are not limited to scalability issues, environmental impact assessments, regulatory frameworks, addressing consumer skepticism...

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April 24, 2024
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April 29th & 30th 2025