2024 Conference Session

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About the Session

Forget the limited VC landscape – discover diverse pathways to finance your innovative solutions and fuel innovation, accelerate commercialization, and widen access to delicious, sustainable proteins. Laine will take a comprehensive plunge into the world of non-traditional funding resources in this session, designed for entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals in various sectors. She will explore the unique challenges faced by alt-protein companies and their need for diverse financial support. She will demystify alternative solutions: the rise of impact investors, grants, crowdfunding, public-private partnerships, and creative financing models, etc, that are reshaping the financial landscape. She will share insights, success stories, and potential challenges associated with accessing and navigating non-traditional funding sources. She will also analyze various funding options based on your company's stage, technology, and impact goals, as well as how to navigate the landscape (hear about specific resources, eligibility criteria, and application strategies). By attending this presentation, you will ultimately discover how collaboration with NGOs, foundations, and impact investors can unlock funding and expertise. Delegates will therefore benefit from an exploration of the diverse and evolving avenues available, providing you with a roadmap to diversify funding strategies and foster sustainable growth. Ultimately, Laine's findings will empower you to think beyond conventional financing, opening new possibilities for funding the sector's ventures and initiatives.

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