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Fred Schneider

VP of Sales & Operations

Fred Schneider Jr. has been a driving advancements in the biotech and pharmaceutical industry for many years. After working in sales at Thermo Fisher Scientific, he went on to found MopHius Analytics, a company focused on developing new tools for the field. His time at Thermo Fisher helped him develop skills in sales and building partnerships. This experience gave him a well-rounded understanding of both the science and the business side of things. When he joined Hamilton in 2014, he was able to exponentially drive sales growth and make their technology more widely available. In 2018, he founded MopHius Analytics with the goal of improving process analysis and quality control in biopharmaceutical manufacturing. The company's work gained widespread recognition, even being named a top biotech solution provider in 2019. Hamilton saw the value in MopHius's work and acquired the company. This led to Fred's current role leading their bioprocessing division. As Vice President, he's still involved in developing new technologies to advance the field of bioprocessing.

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Seamless Integration: Hamilton's Innovative Solutions for Cultivated Food Processes

Hamilton Company produces advanced in-line sensors for a variety of biotech applications. The innovative and intelligent sensors are the first that do not require an external transmitter, making...

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April 25, 2024
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